Thursday, December 16, 2010

The “R” word. | Stuff Christians Like – Jon Acuff

The “R” word. | Stuff Christians Like – Jon Acuff
this article was amazing! good point of view and realization of what this season really is about! I don't really know how to use blog-spot too well yet and not sure if there is a better way of sharing things that I like like on face-book so I'll continue to post the links as is until I educate myself further lol hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

You can have all this world, just give me Jesus!

I love this song, it's so true what in this world is worth as much as my Beloved Savior?...nothing! so why worry about this life we live. I started the Bible Broadcasting Network bible course they offer online (for free I might add) It's been amazing! it was truly a God send and can you believe that I found it on craigslist? I have been praying for a good bible course to take and have been turned down at many christian schools due to the cost of their tuition! but this has really truly given me a new passion for studying the word. the first class took a good look at John 3:16 a verse pretty much everybody knows...or should know! but wow to have it explained so perfectly was amazing and just shows that God can use anything to speak to us even a verse we think we know inside and out. And if He can take a verse that I think is already pretty simple and easy to understand and bring it in to an all new and exciting light...can you imagine what the all powerful God can do with my and your life??? Even though I might not be comfortable or have all the money in the world or even have my own house or a place to stay...who cares I've got Jesus!...ya know him?
as I wrote on facebook  " my insurance beats any measly 15% discount by allstate and make your own plan deals by progressive, mine is free and last for an eternity! Wanna know more come ask me and not state farm!
I love it! and I love My God And Savior! He will provide and eventhough it may not be what I expect i trust and know it's for my own good !
Thank you God for protecting me and loving me for loving me so much you gave your son! priceless!
Bible Broadcasting Network- Bible institute

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Have a very Merry Monster Christmas!!!

So I decided to make my family their own stockings. Justin and I each have our own "family" stockings that we had growing up but my boys don't have one so i decided to make our family our own "family" Christmas stockings!
And deciding to buy some or make some was a decision in itself my DH wanted them made and I didn't want to bother with the crafting part lol (although I really enjoy it it's more the lack of time)
anyways I looked and just didn't find any stockings that "matched" my family and then DH made a good point by saying that our family is nowhere near traditional lol (good point)
So I started on the journey of making my own...and I might say I'm pretty proud of the first one that I finished last are the pic's enjoy (and yes they are handmade and my own design!) 1 down 3 more to go lol I'll keep you posted!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Grumpy Monkey vs Spiderman

So this morning my  DS decides he wants to wear his pj's all day and since it is Friday and I don't really have concrete plans today...I agree (he hasn't really started talking yet but definitely communicates any way he can, and surprisingly I understand him quite well lol) He pulled out his pj's he wanted to wear (the ones with the overly happy monsters on it) and then decided that he wanted to find some shoes that matched his ensemble. I have learned that telling him that he doesn't need shoes on with footie pj's is a waste of time and just ends up with him following me around with his shoes yelling AhAh... AhAh... AhAh...AhAaaaaaah until I cave in and let him wear them. but I must say it's a battle that does not need to be started or fought since 1. at least he wants to wear shoes and 2. His smiley proud face is all so worth it!
So today this was his choice of clothing and according to him matching shoes lol
The combination of overly happy monsters and spider-man...trendy!

But of course the very happy/proud smile of my boy!

I was asking him where his cape was...this is how he responded lol too cute

websites and blogs I appreciate!

is a really nice blog about saving money and "living thrifty" she writes well and has good promos

I love this site as bad as I am with coupons this site really explains the deals an dhow and where to use the coupons, moms post new deals every day and I have saved money with this site! a must have for thrifty mom's 

On her blog she has really cute crafting ideas and I love felt!

these ideas are adorable an eyeball hamburger anyone lol

hahahaha oh my goodness the snowmen where the bomb! sooo cute 

this is a website but as I love cooking I really loved some of the ideas and how to's if you click the recipe index tab they have loads of how to's shown even a "how to make your own sushi at home" Love it!

trying to get organized and in order with your house the flylady has some really good tips and helps, I still nowhere close to where i want to be but a good step forward

Oh my word I want it all lol love the style!

a great way to sell or find really unique and cool stuff!

these are only a few I have lots more but I will blog about them later... got to do kids calling ;-)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday recipes I loved!!!!

well one of my favorite pastimes is cooking these are a few interesting and favorite holiday recipes!

This is my amazing family!

November 22nd was the day we held a memorial service for my (our) beloved grandpa. well it would be hard to just remember just grandpa without mentioning grandma!
The memorial service was an amazing night remembering an amazing couple! I am extremely blessed with the family God gave me. sure we have our differences but they are all amazing families with unique and equal capabilities and it is really touching to see them serving God where they are!
DH and I are blessed with our two DS! thank you God for all you do for us!
Let me introduce you to my lovely family! (on my mom's side I have a whole other awesome family on my dad's side):

DH and I with my two DS

Well that is my family! glad you met them and I pray we can continue in grandpa and grandma G's footsteps and ultimately following our heavenly fathers will!
see you later!

Late late late for a very important date!!!!

I know I know I'm slacking...been putting off this waiting for the right pictures for the right blog lol my bad! but now I'm up and at it I'll try my best to catch up to this last month.
On November the 18th we headed down to Florida for Grandpa's memorial service on the 22nd. The trip was a long but good one,DH does most of the driving with me taking over the driving when he gets tired and needs a power nap (I really am jealous those work for him lol i need at least 2 hours!). We made it to my parents by 7:30pm and crashed. That night DS (who usually does amazing on trips and sleeping in new places) decided to get sick...that is the first time I have had to go through "puking" with a 21 month old...broke my heart :-(
The next morning Mom and I headed out to Orlando airport to pick up my sister  who had flown down for the memorial service. I loved the time with mom in the car we got to catch up and chit chat ;-) My sister's  flight had come in earlier so she was waiting for us. I hadn't seen her since last Christmas so it was really nice to see her, and looking good I might add( hahaha I was trying to type "good" but for some reason typed "dood" oh my lol sorry sis) we went on from Orlando to pick up my other sister at her school in St Augustine, she goes to Flagler college in the center of St Augustine. it's a beautiful school and she has been blessed with scholarships paying her way for the first year of college!
anyways all us girls had an amazing time! pic's to follow of our crazy day, girls will be girls lol...poor mom!
anyways ttyl!
lol there was a sign that said "pirates booty" or something, sisters goofing off, mom was rolling her eyes ;-)

sisters! we were at the fort in st augustine

lookin for hero's (I already found mine lol) this is in front of L's school

it was such a beautiful day!