Friday, December 10, 2010

Grumpy Monkey vs Spiderman

So this morning my  DS decides he wants to wear his pj's all day and since it is Friday and I don't really have concrete plans today...I agree (he hasn't really started talking yet but definitely communicates any way he can, and surprisingly I understand him quite well lol) He pulled out his pj's he wanted to wear (the ones with the overly happy monsters on it) and then decided that he wanted to find some shoes that matched his ensemble. I have learned that telling him that he doesn't need shoes on with footie pj's is a waste of time and just ends up with him following me around with his shoes yelling AhAh... AhAh... AhAh...AhAaaaaaah until I cave in and let him wear them. but I must say it's a battle that does not need to be started or fought since 1. at least he wants to wear shoes and 2. His smiley proud face is all so worth it!
So today this was his choice of clothing and according to him matching shoes lol
The combination of overly happy monsters and spider-man...trendy!

But of course the very happy/proud smile of my boy!

I was asking him where his cape was...this is how he responded lol too cute

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