Wednesday, November 17, 2010

KindleWood in the fall!

Wow DH has been taking pictures of our property here at KindleWood! truly beautiful and I can't express my gratitude to God for letting us live here! Here are some of the pictures he took:

toddlers and chocolate!!! lol

well this morning DS did an amazing job finishing his breakfast, which is not usually the case since he is rapidly nearing the dreaded age of two! lol but this morning he decided to scarf down a good selection of eggs and fruit only to look at my breakfast (which consisted of fruit, granola and the piece of bread with nuttela) I had got an enormous jar of nuttela and since I have not had this since Belgium I was ecstatic and had hidden it pretty well ;-) now my DS had noticed that he did not have what I had (namely the bread with chocolate, funny how kids can tell that something is really worth eating before ever trying it) DS has not really started started talking yet but has mastered the sign languae pretty well! And he was making it pretty clear that he wanted more to eat please( meaning I want what you have!) this consist of three signs


 anyways I decided that since he had done such a good job eating I would let him try a bite lol 
This was his reaction to the lovely little snack lol he very quickly signed this next sign:
 Lol DSr is doing really well with his signing although it can be hard for me sometimes to keep it up! He seems to pick it up quickly and whenever he is around other people it surfaces lol so I keep trying.

Last night we visited with a good family in our church, we had a blast: justin decided to play a new game he had come up with it was hilarious!
  1.  Each person gets a sheet of paper.
  2. On the top they write the topic (in our case it was Michelle since it was her birthday) it can be any topic of your choosing.
  3. The person directing the game needs to give everyone a type of character, when given their character they write it down on their paper in the right corner. (here are some examples: Mexican, Irish, Australian, old person, valley girl, vampire, Manny the sloth, slow, stutterer...)
  4. Each person starts to write their story about the topic (in our case Michelle) they are given 3min to write whatever they want.
  5. After the three minutes the person writing folds over their part of the story except for the last two lines and passes it to the left.
  6. The person on your left will continue their story but on your paper for another 3min. 
  7. Do this until you have your paper back in your hands.
  8. Each person may now read their story BUT in the character they were given (I was the valley girl so I read it like totally like this and it was totally like amaaaazing
You get the funniest stories!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Saffron...oh so delicioso!!!

Well as I promised I wanted to share my favorite recipes throughout the weeks and months with you!
Today I made this absolutely delicious Persian Lamb Stew...mmmmm simply incredible!
Here is the recipe and the changes I made to it because I lacked some of the ingredients (I know that this is not the authentic version but it's really good), make it as is but I can tell you that my version was amazing to say the least!!!

Oh Heavens tebetsi...

This morning Justin ans I were woken up to the "faint" sound of children crying. it's not weird for Corey to wake up fussy and demand his bottle ;-) (He's only 4 months), and I am ecstatic that he agrees to sleep in his brother's room and sleep somewhat through the night (9pm-7am) though I am sure this "agreement" Corey had did not include this little incident lol
I took my time getting to the room since he usually fusses a little and then tends to fall asleep again. slowly walking over there grumbling to myself (something about it being morning I believe), I opened the door to the kiddos room to find this...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let the holidays begin!!!

one of the best inventions ever were the twinkle lights you put on a tree. I'm just mesmerized by them and would decorate my entire house with them if I
could ;-) In my opinion twinkle lights are one of the highlights of the Christmas holiday. So much to my surprise "the Landings" (an outdoor shopping center) in Columbus put up their multi-colored twinkle light display and Christmas decorations, they had elves and sleighs (carriage) a Christmas band, cookies and punch and pictures with Santa! all this in NOVEMBER!!! now don't get me wrong, you will not hear a complaint from me, me the girl who would put up the Christmas tree as soon as the leaves turned is certainly not going to complain about a Christmas outing in the city. Christmas can't get here soon enough!
Anyways we took the two cuddle bugs out to the landings today! the weather was really nice, not too cold. they had a free carriage ride, free popcorn and cotton candy and pictures with Santa and much more.
we started our evening meeting up with some good friends; Meshele vessel and her kids and Monica Anderson and her daughter and niece. As we were standing in line for the carriage ride Parker decides to let me know that he wet himself through his pants (oh the joy's of motherhood! kids timing is way off!) we end up missing the carriage ride to go change little stinker (in every way of the word!oh word of advice: do NOT take a toddler into monkey Joe's to change him, only to walk right back out again! kids don't like that I found out...)
they had decorated the trees and bushes with all different colored twinkle lights, really pretty.
we ended up just walking around and seeing the sights collecting cookies and punch here and there.
After meeting up with the group again we decided to head out to Chick-fill-a to eat more chicken lol
safe at home now and the cuddle bugs are in bed and I am getting ready to go to sleep myself.
so good night and sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite...if they do whack them with a shoe (if you do you might need a new mattress though) and if they don't...hmm good for you I guess ;-)

We are the Lord's!!!

Romans 14:7-9
7 None of us lives to himself, and none of us dies to himself. 8 If we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord; so then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord's. 9 For to this end Christ died and lived again, that he might be Lord both of the dead and of the living 

A powerful passage that brings me hope at this very moment. for as I write my Grandfather is preparing to meet his Savior. What a time to choose to start a blog! well it's a perfect time. 
The reason I wanted to start a blog is to start writing down things that happen in my life, so I can one day look back and remember all the little details, good or bad. So what better way to start a blog than to start it with remembering some of the most influential people in my life:  My Grandparents!

My grandfather and Grandmother have been some of the most amazing people in my life! that doesn't mean they were perfect in my eyes. heavens no! we had plenty of fall outs and disagreements lol
but they did the best they could with what God gave them! 
Grandma; Marian was a high spirited (like me) woman who had the most loving and servants heart I have ever seen. I pray often that God might give me the ability to reach out to others as she did  without fear or hesitance. She showed me what true love meant and I hope I can teach my kids those same qualities.
Grandpa; Judson the monarch of this family, has such an amazing passion for God and to learn more about his Saviors life and ministry. He took care of his family well and did whatever it took.
I know that they were not saints and I am sure all their 5 kids would have plenty to complain (as well as praise don't get me wrong)about, like all kids do. But I hope in this blog not just to focus on the good but also to realize there are lessons to learn from their ups and downs and to learn from their experiences in life. 
Their relationship had ups and downs like any other couples but their love for their savior shined through and touched so many lives. they are an example of how God can use you for his amazing plan. 
My grandparents lived their lives to the fullest, had a full life and lived it to their Saviors glory.
Now it's our turn, it's my turn to pick up the torch and lead the way for my kids so that one day they might have one of their grandchildren write a blog in their remembrance, and pray and hope they can be more like them and most importantly learn to live their lives according to God's will.
That's my prayer...we have big shoes to fill!!! but I am so up for the challenge.
So thank you Grandpa and grandma for being the example you where and for the life lessons you shared with us most of them you might not even know about! I thank God for you! love You

My Grandparents and their children and spouses, what a blessed family we are!

Judson H.Greene went to meet his Savior at 2:45pm today. Praise the Lord oh my soul, and all that is within me praise His holy name!

In the morning, when I rise
Give me Jesus.
You can have all this world,
Just give me Jesus.
When I am alone,
Give me Jesus.
You can have all this world,
Just give me Jesus.
When I come to die,
Give me Jesus.
You can have all this world,
Just give me Jesus.

this is not goodbye it's a see you later!