Thursday, December 16, 2010

You can have all this world, just give me Jesus!

I love this song, it's so true what in this world is worth as much as my Beloved Savior?...nothing! so why worry about this life we live. I started the Bible Broadcasting Network bible course they offer online (for free I might add) It's been amazing! it was truly a God send and can you believe that I found it on craigslist? I have been praying for a good bible course to take and have been turned down at many christian schools due to the cost of their tuition! but this has really truly given me a new passion for studying the word. the first class took a good look at John 3:16 a verse pretty much everybody knows...or should know! but wow to have it explained so perfectly was amazing and just shows that God can use anything to speak to us even a verse we think we know inside and out. And if He can take a verse that I think is already pretty simple and easy to understand and bring it in to an all new and exciting light...can you imagine what the all powerful God can do with my and your life??? Even though I might not be comfortable or have all the money in the world or even have my own house or a place to stay...who cares I've got Jesus!...ya know him?
as I wrote on facebook  " my insurance beats any measly 15% discount by allstate and make your own plan deals by progressive, mine is free and last for an eternity! Wanna know more come ask me and not state farm!
I love it! and I love My God And Savior! He will provide and eventhough it may not be what I expect i trust and know it's for my own good !
Thank you God for protecting me and loving me for loving me so much you gave your son! priceless!
Bible Broadcasting Network- Bible institute

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