Saturday, June 4, 2011

I am mom...hear me roar!!!!

The blues brothers ;-)

OK so today was one of the hardest day's I've had in awhile. Have you ever felt like your life seemed to pass you by and all you seem to do is run around the house chasing little munchkins. Who seem to slip out of your hands and vision the second you put them back down...aaaaaaargh is the correct emotion I am feeling right now.
I sometimes feel like I am failing miserably in about everything I do...ever felt that? know where I am going?
well today I had a small breakthrough that will hopefully weaken some great walls I have surrounding me at this moment.

 I have the urge to do everything all the time, taking care of the kids, husband, have a good devotion time, be an excellent cook and entertainer, be overly creative in every single aspect, be a learned mom and smart, be read up on all the latest "it" books, have parenting down pat, have potty-trained kids by the age of 2 (HA!) have my own at home business and the list goes on and on and on and on...
And I for some reason think I should be doing all of these things in one entire day...well no wonder I'm having a bad day!
I feel like the world is telling me that because I am a stay at home mom (and choose to be) I am missing out on life. and since I do not have a "real" profession (being a stay at home mom is not considered a "real" job...yeah right go figure!) I should at least be incredibly talented in at least one creative area, be that cooking or writing or whatever...I should have hordes of people reading my blog and making tons of money selling my products...
Well I'm here to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! and I will no longer be held down by some type of stereotype! I am by no means any less important than any other woman on this planet...I have an incredibly important job here in my own home that does not require a ton of talent (actually I would love to meet a mom who was a pro at motherhood BEFORE she had kids lol it doesn't work that way...I wish!)but it does require dedication,time and lots of prayer!

I am the mother of two very precious boys and they are my full time job not to mention my husband who alone can sometimes be a full time job ;-) so my days are full as it is with the three men in my life! So why do I feel the need to fill my day up with all these activities that only show what I am capable of or how talented I am? and why do I feel the need to get everyone's approval as if I need to prove that I am capable at what I do?
Well I'm here to tell you that I'm very capable at raising my kids and I do not need your approval! I was given Gods approval when he decided to bless my husband and I with our two beautiful boys. It's a challenge always but with focus and as I said before dedication and time and lots of prayer I do just fine!
So why do I still feel like I am failing?
Quite priorities are askew, pretty badly too!
I sometimes stop to think and pull out a pad of paper and write down my priorities in a good old fashioned way ;-) I usually find that on the days that are tough, my priorities where pretty messed up and I felt the need to prove that I was somebody or stressing about all my lost chances and what the world might think...

Well here is my priority list the way it should look:

  1. God: Everything I do should be done to the glory and honor of Him and should bring Him glory (if it doesn't you might want to re-prioritize)
  2. My Husband: I truly believe that I was made to be a help meet to my husband, helping him become and be the man God wants him to be.
  3. My Children: My children are a blessing from God and should be raised according to His word, to do that my priorities must be straight so that I can study Gods word to one day pass it on to my children.
  4. My Church and ministries: Being involved in a church and helping and giving of our first fruits is not only teaching our kids to serve but it's biblical.
  5. Friends and family
  6. Household: Even though I might not like doing it lol
  7. Hobbies: I'm not at all against having hobbies, I actually really like having one it not only lets me use my creative side, but it also lets me unwind and de-stress's when the hobby becomes priority and starts rising in the ranks and taking precedence over other more important priorities that it poses a problem.
So this is my guide and if I am feeling down and unimportant I am reminded of this list and where my priorities must lie. If I make sure I open my bible first thing in the morning (yuck I know I'm not a morning person either..) I notice my day goes much smoother.
And let me remind all of you moms in the same boat as are fearfully and wonderfully made! God did not make a mistake. you were all given unique gifts to use for His glory. and as long as everything you do if for His glory and not yours you are on a great track and successful mom career ;-) You are the mother God chose for those adorable kids and they are looking up to you and me for guidance. What better and more demanding and fulfilling job is there???  I hope you agree
So this blog is for mostly for me and I enjoy doing both the photography and the writing, it has been a creative outlet for me. But by no means am I going to stress about not posting something everyday! because my priorities are as followed above and they come first. So if I find time in my day I might just post some interesting things ;-) but only after my other priorities are covered ;-) thanks for reading!

 I am a mom by God's design...hear me roar!


  1. Your sons and husband are blessed indeed to have such a lady in the family!!! What you do matters to them and to God!!

  2. Thanks! I know what a privileged but daunting at times ;-)