Thursday, December 9, 2010

Late late late for a very important date!!!!

I know I know I'm slacking...been putting off this waiting for the right pictures for the right blog lol my bad! but now I'm up and at it I'll try my best to catch up to this last month.
On November the 18th we headed down to Florida for Grandpa's memorial service on the 22nd. The trip was a long but good one,DH does most of the driving with me taking over the driving when he gets tired and needs a power nap (I really am jealous those work for him lol i need at least 2 hours!). We made it to my parents by 7:30pm and crashed. That night DS (who usually does amazing on trips and sleeping in new places) decided to get sick...that is the first time I have had to go through "puking" with a 21 month old...broke my heart :-(
The next morning Mom and I headed out to Orlando airport to pick up my sister  who had flown down for the memorial service. I loved the time with mom in the car we got to catch up and chit chat ;-) My sister's  flight had come in earlier so she was waiting for us. I hadn't seen her since last Christmas so it was really nice to see her, and looking good I might add( hahaha I was trying to type "good" but for some reason typed "dood" oh my lol sorry sis) we went on from Orlando to pick up my other sister at her school in St Augustine, she goes to Flagler college in the center of St Augustine. it's a beautiful school and she has been blessed with scholarships paying her way for the first year of college!
anyways all us girls had an amazing time! pic's to follow of our crazy day, girls will be girls lol...poor mom!
anyways ttyl!
lol there was a sign that said "pirates booty" or something, sisters goofing off, mom was rolling her eyes ;-)

sisters! we were at the fort in st augustine

lookin for hero's (I already found mine lol) this is in front of L's school

it was such a beautiful day!

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  1. that was a fun day! thanks for the shout out! I remember feeling like crap that day. you all definitly cheered me up!