Thursday, December 9, 2010

This is my amazing family!

November 22nd was the day we held a memorial service for my (our) beloved grandpa. well it would be hard to just remember just grandpa without mentioning grandma!
The memorial service was an amazing night remembering an amazing couple! I am extremely blessed with the family God gave me. sure we have our differences but they are all amazing families with unique and equal capabilities and it is really touching to see them serving God where they are!
DH and I are blessed with our two DS! thank you God for all you do for us!
Let me introduce you to my lovely family! (on my mom's side I have a whole other awesome family on my dad's side):

DH and I with my two DS

Well that is my family! glad you met them and I pray we can continue in grandpa and grandma G's footsteps and ultimately following our heavenly fathers will!
see you later!

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