Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree...

I absolutely am addicted to twinkle lights! especially on a Christmas tree...I love Christmas decorations and could sit in front of the tree all night...oh wait I have lol
My dad loves the Christmas tree and I can remember him sitting in front of it just gazing at it with his coffee in his hand and bible on his knee ;-)

we recently set up our Christmas tree, I love it! here are some pictures of my tree up close.
I read this awesome idea and decided that next year we will try it. Set up your Christmas tree, but instead of filling it up with ornaments, leave the tree bare. For every blessing you receive or give put one ornament on the will be amazed at how quickly the tree runs out of room!

Hope you have a blessed Christmas! May you feel God's love surround you and know that He is the true reason for celebration! Be a blessing and accept the blessing!

God Bless!


  1. So pretty!

    I told Hubby that we needed to get a new spray bottle to "discipline" the kitten if he tries to climb our Christmas tree. Interestingly, though, the kitten has been great! The boys, however...

  2. Hey Maria, I don't have your email addy or phone number, so I have to leave you a message here.

    CONGRATS on Justin's graduation from the academy, what an awesome accomplishment! (And for you too, I know it's probably not easy for the family while he's so busy training and studying.)

    Email me some photos of Justin's graduation, and I'll post them on the church Facebook page. I am going to make a "congratulations" or "graduations" photo album for church members who are getting awards and such. I'm going to put some photos of PJ's basic training graduation in there, too.

    Email them to me: or to the church's facebook account:

    Brent is going to try to attend Justin's graduation, so you'll probably see him there.