Monday, May 2, 2011

J'adore la cuisine française!

 Since Paris I had a great appreciation for all French cooking. J'adore la cuisine française! and have always wanted to follow in their immaculate art and style of cooking, of course to the horror of my family who were very often used as guinea pigs in the process (but thank you for all the times you endured it...even when it included banana lol).Life has moved on and family and kids have taken the place of this dream of becoming the next best french chef...(hardly a realistic dream lol).

I have been learning; that yes, my kids and family do come first and it's OK to be a boring mom sometimes but it's also good to have a hobby. Now in my case I have a couple hundred hobbies that I 'm somewhat good in but not exceptionally. This formes a problem and tons of frustrations, because there is no way I can keep up with 100+ hobbies as well as my kids (let's not mention the house shall we...) and still be able to maintain my sanity.
So after trying a few hobbies out and experimenting I've came to the conclusion that I'm always wanting to cook and entertain, I find true joy in cooking and it's something I can do with my kids (messier version but funner ;-)..)
After watching the movie Julie&Julia (I absolutely LOVED that movie) and tons of cooking videos. I decided to go ahead and go for it...So I have revamped my blog and am going to try to capture some of the recipes I try.
I signed up to The daring kitchen  This site is really an awesome idea and was started with the purpose of helping cooks brush up their skills. The daring kitchen has 2 categories you can sign up to: Daring baker or Daring cook. I opted for the daring baker but as time goes by and I if I feel more comfortable in the bakers section I might just opt to add on the daring cook ;-) (I'll keep you posted)
So with that said I'm ready to start... I have an amazing camera ready and three very eager helpers (well tasters lol) and of course a kitchen ready to be used. I am not the best at cooking but I have a passion and am eagerly waiting to learn!
BTW I love to hear feedback!

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  1. so exited! wish you could send me samples through the post! but I'll settle for pictures and blog posts.