Tuesday, November 15, 2011

He is enough!

Here is something to think about, this really helped me out today as I struggled to get a hold of my day!

When I watch someone paying 4 pennies for $50 in groceries… I am not frugal enough.

When I drool over colorful projects on PinterestI am not creative enough.

When I read about clever busy bags and toddler crafts… I am not fun enough.

When I replace my empty roll of paper towels… I am not green enough.

When I open yet another facebook request to promote someone’s new at home business … I am not driven enough.

When I fall into bed at the end of the day, praying frantically before sleep covers me… I am not holy enough.

When I walk over yesterday’s crumbs on my dining room floor… I am not clean enough.

When I look at the pile of dishes and laundry before me… I am not organized enough.

When I open the store-bought package of tortillas for lunch… I am not real{food} enough. 

When I can't come up with awesome games for my children to play...I am not playful enough

When I can't seem to keep friends for very long...I am not social enough

I am not enough.

But I am redeemed, because

He is enough.

If your focus, like mine, turns you down a road of self-depreciating incompetence, then your vision is blurry. Clean off your glasses. Put your contacts in. Wipe the sleep out of your eyes. Enjoy the clear vision of confidence.

He is enough.

Hope you have an awesome day!