Friday, December 10, 2010

websites and blogs I appreciate!

is a really nice blog about saving money and "living thrifty" she writes well and has good promos

I love this site as bad as I am with coupons this site really explains the deals an dhow and where to use the coupons, moms post new deals every day and I have saved money with this site! a must have for thrifty mom's 

On her blog she has really cute crafting ideas and I love felt!

these ideas are adorable an eyeball hamburger anyone lol

hahahaha oh my goodness the snowmen where the bomb! sooo cute 

this is a website but as I love cooking I really loved some of the ideas and how to's if you click the recipe index tab they have loads of how to's shown even a "how to make your own sushi at home" Love it!

trying to get organized and in order with your house the flylady has some really good tips and helps, I still nowhere close to where i want to be but a good step forward

Oh my word I want it all lol love the style!

a great way to sell or find really unique and cool stuff!

these are only a few I have lots more but I will blog about them later... got to do kids calling ;-)

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