Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh Heavens tebetsi...

This morning Justin ans I were woken up to the "faint" sound of children crying. it's not weird for Corey to wake up fussy and demand his bottle ;-) (He's only 4 months), and I am ecstatic that he agrees to sleep in his brother's room and sleep somewhat through the night (9pm-7am) though I am sure this "agreement" Corey had did not include this little incident lol
I took my time getting to the room since he usually fusses a little and then tends to fall asleep again. slowly walking over there grumbling to myself (something about it being morning I believe), I opened the door to the kiddos room to find this...

Parker had somehow managed to climb into the crib with Corey, now there is a pretty big gap between the crib and Parker's bed and a pretty big height difference too! It's beyond me how he got up there in the first place! lol kids get into the weirdest places!!!

You would think Parker climbed all that way just to see his brother, but noooo little monkey was only interested in the monitor that Corey had in his crib.
Poor Corey!!!
places ;-)

Other than this cute incident this morning we had a pretty good day! it consisted of
A doctor's visit: I have the most incredibly relaxed and laid back baby in the world! Corey received his three shots for his 4month check-up. I was told he would get three and was told which ones ect. so as I braced for the worst (kicking, screaming you know the drill!) and was holding him down, the nurse got ready to poke him (I hate watching it yuck!). I expected him to at least flinch or let out a little cry...not a peep!!! and not only did he not cry...he decided to smile his way through it! I thought for sure after the second needle he would scream...again he smiled right on through. so this means that the third was going to set him off...
Can you believe it he recived his third shot and didn't even flinch or shed a tear!!! I was soooo amazed!
lol the doctor and nurses couldn't believe it they said they had never had a baby like that before lol
After the dr appointment we ended up getting our library cards (did I mention they were FREE!!! I love that word lol). the building is beautiful! we stopped and got our cards, even Parker has his own library card! we picked up some books and decided to head home.

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  1. that is SO cute! and what a good baby! Liam would let out this high pitched squeal for like 2 seconds and then be totally silent. it was hi-larious.

    yay, library cards! I need to go get mine :)