Wednesday, November 17, 2010

toddlers and chocolate!!! lol

well this morning DS did an amazing job finishing his breakfast, which is not usually the case since he is rapidly nearing the dreaded age of two! lol but this morning he decided to scarf down a good selection of eggs and fruit only to look at my breakfast (which consisted of fruit, granola and the piece of bread with nuttela) I had got an enormous jar of nuttela and since I have not had this since Belgium I was ecstatic and had hidden it pretty well ;-) now my DS had noticed that he did not have what I had (namely the bread with chocolate, funny how kids can tell that something is really worth eating before ever trying it) DS has not really started started talking yet but has mastered the sign languae pretty well! And he was making it pretty clear that he wanted more to eat please( meaning I want what you have!) this consist of three signs


 anyways I decided that since he had done such a good job eating I would let him try a bite lol 
This was his reaction to the lovely little snack lol he very quickly signed this next sign:
 Lol DSr is doing really well with his signing although it can be hard for me sometimes to keep it up! He seems to pick it up quickly and whenever he is around other people it surfaces lol so I keep trying.

Last night we visited with a good family in our church, we had a blast: justin decided to play a new game he had come up with it was hilarious!
  1.  Each person gets a sheet of paper.
  2. On the top they write the topic (in our case it was Michelle since it was her birthday) it can be any topic of your choosing.
  3. The person directing the game needs to give everyone a type of character, when given their character they write it down on their paper in the right corner. (here are some examples: Mexican, Irish, Australian, old person, valley girl, vampire, Manny the sloth, slow, stutterer...)
  4. Each person starts to write their story about the topic (in our case Michelle) they are given 3min to write whatever they want.
  5. After the three minutes the person writing folds over their part of the story except for the last two lines and passes it to the left.
  6. The person on your left will continue their story but on your paper for another 3min. 
  7. Do this until you have your paper back in your hands.
  8. Each person may now read their story BUT in the character they were given (I was the valley girl so I read it like totally like this and it was totally like amaaaazing
You get the funniest stories!

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