Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let the holidays begin!!!

one of the best inventions ever were the twinkle lights you put on a tree. I'm just mesmerized by them and would decorate my entire house with them if I
could ;-) In my opinion twinkle lights are one of the highlights of the Christmas holiday. So much to my surprise "the Landings" (an outdoor shopping center) in Columbus put up their multi-colored twinkle light display and Christmas decorations, they had elves and sleighs (carriage) a Christmas band, cookies and punch and pictures with Santa! all this in NOVEMBER!!! now don't get me wrong, you will not hear a complaint from me, me the girl who would put up the Christmas tree as soon as the leaves turned is certainly not going to complain about a Christmas outing in the city. Christmas can't get here soon enough!
Anyways we took the two cuddle bugs out to the landings today! the weather was really nice, not too cold. they had a free carriage ride, free popcorn and cotton candy and pictures with Santa and much more.
we started our evening meeting up with some good friends; Meshele vessel and her kids and Monica Anderson and her daughter and niece. As we were standing in line for the carriage ride Parker decides to let me know that he wet himself through his pants (oh the joy's of motherhood! kids timing is way off!) we end up missing the carriage ride to go change little stinker (in every way of the word!oh word of advice: do NOT take a toddler into monkey Joe's to change him, only to walk right back out again! kids don't like that I found out...)
they had decorated the trees and bushes with all different colored twinkle lights, really pretty.
we ended up just walking around and seeing the sights collecting cookies and punch here and there.
After meeting up with the group again we decided to head out to Chick-fill-a to eat more chicken lol
safe at home now and the cuddle bugs are in bed and I am getting ready to go to sleep myself.
so good night and sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite...if they do whack them with a shoe (if you do you might need a new mattress though) and if they don't...hmm good for you I guess ;-)

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  1. You are so cute! I loved reading about your adventure. It would be so much fun to go to the Landing with you and your family. The pictures are adorable and tonight made such a special memory for you (even if a stinky diaper is involved). :) Thanks for sharing!