Friday, June 22, 2012

First Friday Favorites...So many to choose from!

My week is always filled with lots of things to do, three toddlers at home definitely adds to the list!
But when the kids are in bed and I get some of the more pressing things done that needed to be done. I like to make myself a nice warm cup of Earl Grey and sit down and relax.
My phone has become my everything (that sounds bad...) What I mean is it's my phone, computer, camera, GPS, Kindle,...and on and on I use it for pretty much anything even cooking!

I subscribe to any blog that interest me and has decent content and is fun to browse, there are so very many blogs that are amazing it's hard to just narrow my list down to just a few.
You can check out my all time favorites under my "favorites" page above.

Today I tried something new...and I actually kinda liked it! My husband made fun of me and stuck his nose way up, although I was able to persuade him to try it...what a funny face he made ;-)
I love trying new things and reading about other peoples ingenious ideas, the cupcake project comes to mind, it's a very creative look on all the possibilities with cupcakes and I must say she takes it far like her most recent one "spam cupcakes" yelch  lol
but it's interesting nonetheless.
back to my daring choice in dessert today...I've been reading (for awhile now) that chocolate and bacon have become pretty much inseparable. Now I LOVE bacon and I definitely LOVE chocolate but I would have never ever put those two together! I did not try bacon and chocolate...I went even further...I had a chocolate bacon sundae!!!
And I must say it was surprisingly good! never judge a food before trying, Europe taught me that especially France and Switzerland with all their absolutely Delicious but foul smelling cheese ;-p
The sundae had warm chocolate fudge and tons and mean tons of bacon bits all over the top. My only negative on it was the size, it was quite a large serving for such a rich dessert.
And do you want to know where I found this beauty of a treat????
None other than our hometown Burger King...shocked huh! I would have never guessed they would come out with something so daring! But I'm glad they did ;-)

PS: they also came out with awesome sweet potato fries!!! mmmmm

Well on to my favorites of this week:

L to R first row:
L to R second row:
L to R third row:
L to R fourth row:

Hope You Enjoy!!!! Happy Friday!

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