Monday, February 4, 2013

Operation life changes 2013!

So the old year is gone and the brand spank-in new year has arrived.
I'm not usually one for resolutions per say but I do like reorganizing my life.  So far this year has been going good. Full, But good!
DH started his day shift again. I'll be honest and tell you that it feels like being liberated from a dark musty cell! I'm freeeeeeeeeeeee lol
Nights are just the worst when you have a family. I'm happy to wake up at 6am now and make my breakfast for my man ;-)
So changes we have made for this New Year?

  1. We have a schedule (at least for the next 4 months, until he goes back to dreaded nights) 
  2. I actually wake up at 6am (I know right??!! score on my part!) 
  3. Couponing, this has made it so much more easier to make breakfast or actually have a schedule. (I find myself less "guilty" using the nice name brand soaps and shampoos because, face it paying $0.50 for it rather than $6 is a lot less daunting!)  
  4. My kids cupboard space!!! oh wow where to start...the revelation, that just by folding clothes differently can save a ton of space, just totally blew me out of the water, and put a hot scorching fire under my lazy butt to reorganize! It looks the same from the outside but when you "slowly" open the dresser drawers, you can hear heavenly music playing and the warm golden glow of success and organization.
  5. I cleaned the bathroom....yes me, moi! and it makes a world of difference getting ready at the God forsaken hour of 6am ( I'm working on the God forsaken eyes just can't focus on my Jesus calling book that early)
  6. Making our bed....the magic that lies beneath this simple act really astonishes me. making a bed in even the messiest of rooms, can make the room look somewhat put together.... which helps loads in feeling put together in the wee hours. Because honestly I feel more like a Picasso painting when I wake up.
  7. cleaning my face before bed and when i wake up. This has helped with the "forsaken hour" and the feeling "put together" part. and not to mention a beautiful clear complexion. 
  8. I get fully dressed every morning down to shoes (or socks...I know I cheat) this makes me feel ready to tackle the day.
  9. Keeping the kitchen clean! 4 days in and my kitchen is still clean! makes me want to go prance barefoot outside (well maybe not now, but i can imagine it) the pure joy of having a clean kitchen!!! this means every morning I unload and load the dish washer, wipe the counters, sweep the floor and clean the sink et voila magnifique!!! 
  10. last but soo not the least, devos...this one I have actually really been struggling with! I find it hard to get a quiet time in the day to devote to it. I guess for right now I need to be happy for the scarce little moments I do have to spend with God. they are there I just sometimes feel guilty because I can't sit down and properly give him my undivided attention. But then again toddler boys are a handful. I'm very thankful for the moments I do get to quietly talk to my savior! because they end up being in the times when i most need it and they are less "staged" ;-)
So far things are going well and I've been able to somewhat conquer all of these (except for #10) 
here are some of the inspirations behind these changes :-)

  1. Daily schedule:  OK so I am NOT the best at schedules, I'm a lot like that little over caffeinated squirrel in over the hedge, Hammie??? I tend to start my day somewhat organized. but as I am making breakfast I notice the dish towel is dirty so I decide to drop breakfast and start laundry, my boys left a toy car in their laundry basket, making me stressed about the toys in their room and the state of un-organization! The horror!!, so now I am organizing toys, breakfast and laundry are still not done. but it gets worse I notice that the floor in the boys room needs to be vacuumed so now I'm vacuuming the floor, toys are somewhat organized, laundry and (my) breakfast are still half done and the house is worse off than before I started, because I never finished anything!!!! At the end of the day I'm exhausted and my house looks like an unorganized tornado attacked ruthlessly, Making for a very grumpy and tired mommy and over hyper kids! grrrr I can feel the frustration already!                               I did some research and these two sites offered the best advice in my opinion (every family works differently)                                                                                                                             Iheartorganizing: I think this woman is a fair share of crazy and awesome all in one. I had to take a step back and realize that my life did NOT have to be as organized as hers. Once I realized that, her site became a good source of  "possible" changes I could make. She has an awesome list of great organizing ideas. I like her binding and storing idea for her planner. She uses the arc disk puncher and system from staples. However you don't have to buy the punch necessarily  they also sell the notebook pre-made. I just prefer to print my own notebook. I cannot tell you how convenient these little notebooks are! if you mess up a page ...don't worry just punch it out and replace it! We used these at school in Europe and they are lifesavers! I really am excited that staples offers their own punch and equipment for these useful little notebooks. Jennifer from Iheart organizing actually sells her planner on etsy (only the printable paper NOT the notebook, you would have to pick up the notebook at staples) and believe me she has got the whole kit and caboodle!                                                                  the confident mom : Although Iheartorganizing has a good deal I personally prefer this planner. it comes with an explanation on how to start and has a very well rounded and detailed list of chores, broken down into 52 weeks. She has thought of everything! even to the amount of water you need to drink. I like having everything in one place
  2. Couponing: I have three main sites that I look at regularly southernsavers, krazycouponlady and iheartpublix all of these have in depth lists on sales nearby you. they will match the appropriate coupons (both newspaper coupons and online ones, catalina's and other peelies). southern savers actually has a great tutorial on how to start couponing. click here for the tutorial. You can click on her "learning to coupon" button on the top or you an click the "workshop" button, scroll down half way and you will see the online couponing class button. definitely worth it! but watch out it is 2 hours long!
And I realy did write this after new year but am just now getting to posting it ugh I'm so busy! But hope this helps you. i will add pictures when i can.

What are some of your changes this year? How are they going? What is your motivation?

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