Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Years Resolutions...and messies manuals!!!!

Like a lot of you out there, the coming of a new year entails detailed planning of how my life is going to drastically change this next year. Then the new year hits, give me about a week and I'm already off track. My track record on my posting here on the blog, should show you that I am NOT a good time manager. Priorities tend to come and go and change more than the mind of a diva !
Although I still like to schedule how I would like to see my life next year. I do have a realistic view that life does not go as planned. So structure is necessary but I need to plan to be flexible with my time. I tend to freak out when things don't go as planned and end up quitting altogether instead of rearranging my schedule..
So I am now trying figure that out all with the help of this awesome set of books...The messies manual (thanks mom lol)

If you are like me and try to find what suits you here are some sites and blogs that might help you out...remember that YOU are ultimately who can decide what works for you and your family.
DO NOT get sucked into the expectations of this world...If you can't do it...then don't worry about it.
I just can't post whenever I want. My kids need me and there are a multitude of things that need to get done before I can sit down and type. There is nothing wrong with that!

here are some helpful (hopefully) blogs...

Cleaning & organizing: 

  • Clean Mama : She has a great free cleaning calendar that's just so cute you will want to clean ;-) 
  • Organizing Made Fun: She has a ton of great ideas. She has a lot of great motivational posts...I need motivation!
  • The Confident Mom: Empowering moms, strengthening families and embracing God's design. She has a killer printable schedule that pretty much includes everything for the whole year!!!! I LOVE it. I am someone who needs everything in one place. I like browsing websites but I won't be able to keep up checking 6 websites every morning...I've got toddlers for crying out loud! I want a detailed list of everything I need all in one place. This schedule is just that complete with scripture verses to read every morning. by the end of the year you are somewhat closer to being organized and scheduled and you have read through the entire bible! (this however is not free but cost $9 for the simple version and $14 for the extra version)
  • Alejandra Tv: She has been featured in a lot of big name companies like HGTV and family circle. She has a 7-day organizing video class for FREE!!! ;-)  although please don't get overly stressed by her take on organizing..she is not a mother of three and even though she has really good points and ideas, don't get over discouraged if your house doesn't look like hers...
  • IHeartOrganizing: Oh my word my heart is already pounding house will NEVER look like this. but she has awesome ideas just look at her freezer storage! My biggest hurdle in organizing is the containers and stuff I need to purchase it's quiet a bt of money but then again...think one step at a time!
  • Fly Lady: At first this site can be overwhelming. Take a deep breath and look for the "get started" button at the top right. you can figure it out from there. straight forward and really good lessons on knowing how to really clean your house without feeling stressed. all starting with your sink!

Meal Planning: 

  • EMeals: This site does all the work for you, it's affordable and they even give you the coupons to go with your weekly meal plan. Choose from a variety of options both for families or singles. 
  • Food On The Table: This website will base your meal planning on the store that you shop at the most. it will calculate the savings into your grocery list. This is totally free and if you are not a fanatic couponer it could really save you some time and effort! and it has it's own free app.
  • All Recipes: this site is my go to for a lot of basics it's reliable and very very helpful. If you subscribe (not expensive) you can use all their nifty tools, like their meal planning and their recipe box upgrade.
  • What's Cooking Chicago: She has a massive list of easy yet healthy meals to make and freeze ahead! 
  • Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons: Being a mom of boys I can totally relate to this cute blog. If you are looking for doable and cute ideas for kids snacks just check this blog out!
  • Annie's Eats: Still by far my favorite blog. Her recipes are easy glamorous and down to earth. I love her style and choice in meals. the fact that she is a dr and a mom of two under 5 AND a full time blogger is just plain amazing to me.


  • Focus On The Family: Is by far the best resource for christian parenting. to the point and packed full of biblical truths.
  • Christian parenting website from Family Life Today: Offers articles and audio form Dennis and Barbara Rainey. They offer a free monthly e-magazine, tips on manners and a Christian parenting forum.
  • Christian Parenting at is a great resources for articles about Christian parenting. You can subscribe to their RSS feed.
  • Today's Christian Woman: is a great resource for articles on parenting and how to love God and live fearless.
  • LifeWay Parenting offers solid parenting advice and resources from a Southern Baptist perspective. LifeWay offers four different Christian parenting magazines target for local church distribution.

Mother and Wife-Hood: 

  • MoneySavingMom: Love her down to earth way of writing and sharing...also love the deal updates ;-)
  • Women Living Well: I love their blog, she and her friend coauthor on here and share with other bloggers. I have been blessed by this blog!
  • Comfy In The Kitchen: great joy filled blog about motherhood and her joy of cooking.
  • Good Morning Girls: A blog about the joys of connecting and having fellowship with other moms and women.
  • Karen Ehman: Has a ton of great challenges and studies for us moms and women trying to find our calling.

Praying God reveals what He truly wants me to work on this next year. All things are possible through Him who gives me strength! Hope you have a great New Years!

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