Friday, July 13, 2012

Pinterest favorites today!

It's Friday...Friday gotta get down out on Friday!!! Wow it's been a full week since posting (bowing my head in shame!). It's been a blah kinda day today. Today was suppose to be our closing day (on our new home) but that didn't end up happening. It's been postponed until Wednesday. So instead hubby is sick and sleeping off a cold, and the kiddos are sleeping (finally), and it's raining outside...sigh. Perfect Pinterest day!
Today as you noticed is Friday and therefore "share-my-favorites-day", so I thought that since Pinterest has been my companion for the past 30min I thought it appropriate to share my favorites form Pinterest today ;-)

These are a compilation of things that caught my eye on Pinterest today, Hope you enjoy!

L to R first row:
L to R second row:
  • How to turn handwritten recipes into hand towels - Hello Beautiful
  • DIY Monthly Onesie Printables - Britt & Her Boys
  • Use A Rubber Band on a Stripped Screw - Pinterest
  • DIY garden path. Take a multi picture frame to do this. I never would have thought of this!  
L to R third row:
L to R fourth row:

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