Monday, April 16, 2012

Thankfulness, babies and walnuts...

A new computer can definitely put the fire under ones buttocks to write a very long overdue post ;-)
I have not been able to update my blog in about one month!!! yes it's a crying shame...but I really do blame the computer or the lack thereof...
As of today we finally have a new, working computer! Yeah, three cheers!!!

Well the title on this post might be slightly confusing lol but I felt it fit my mood today ;-)
This will be a short post and hopefully one I will look back to often, and add to it. As you have noticed, this blog is not my life...just my hobby. Sometimes it's hard to draw a line between the two. I find myself getting stressed over not posting an update on my blog, or not taking enough pictures, or the mere fact that time seems to slip away astoundingly quick these past few months...lets not even bring the whole working computer business into the light. Anyways My family comes first and this blog sadly but most certainly comes last on a long list of priorities.
These past couple of months I have found myself reading up on the true meaning of being a mother/wife to my loved ones. An eye opener for sure! (try reading "created to be his help-meet" such a good book!)
I'm learning that my babies deserve the best I can give them, they do not come after this blog, or after my guests I entertain, or any other, so say priority I might have. My husband and children, (babies...see the title) are my God given job and I am learning to accept the responsibility.

Through all this I have also learned that the key to embracing this way of living, is joy, pure joy, only the joy of the Lord will do (thank you very much! ;-)...)
I've found that joy itself doesn't just come knocking on your door. You need to be open to God to work in you and to accept the joy of the Lord.
One way I've found is to be thankful...I'm a relatively negative person (you can blame the melancholic in me)
and sadly the first thoughts in my mind and the first words out are negative ones. Sad but true!
This is something, that can eat at you (trust me I know!) it leads to complaining, jealousy and rivalry not to mention depression if you let it get that far.
I really don't want that in my life, and if I want to be the best help-meet to my husband and the best mother to my children. I really need to work on that, because honestly, who wants to come home to a complaining, negative, critical and depressed wife? Not me that's for sure!!!
So how am I working on this?

  •  I'm writing scripture down on little index cards and placing them around the house where I can see them. encouraging verses of God's promises to us ;-) what a difference a little verse can do on a gloomy day!
  • I am making "thankfulness" lists, list of things that day that I was truly thankful for, even the itty bitty ones like coffee creamer (yes I went there lol). Trust me this takes practice! but even in the darkest days there are always "thankful" moments, you just got to dig a little deeper.   
Here is my thankfulness list for today!:
  1. Snuggles from my son this morning
  2. New clothes to wear to church
  3. Cinnabon coffee creamer
  4. Starbucks bacon Gouda breakfast sandwich...yum!
  5. God's promises coming true even in the early morning
  6. A good strong and healthy mind (so that I could come up with a solution to locking the keys and phones in the house lol) 
  7. A beautiful day
  8. The green of the leaves and grass around me
  9. The smell of summer soon to be
  10. My babies giggles
  11. My husbands strong hug
  12. A great church family with so many smiling faces and friendly hugs
  13. Sunday school for the boys so I could enjoy the service with both of the love of my life
  14. A great message from God this morning and Godly pastors who are willing to open themselves to be led by God
  15. Inspiring friends, they show me that being a proverbs 31 woman is not a myth
  16. God's provisions in all shapes and sizes
  17. A loving husband who loves me no matter what (am I blessed or what!)
  18. A new computer!!!! 
I could go on and on and on...but I think you get the picture ;-) 
if you are having a rough day...take time to sit down and be still for a couple minutes, close your eyes and pray for God to speak to patient. Lean on some of the scripture you have written on little note cards and recite them. Make a "thankfulness" list and you will be blessed by how many blessings in disguise you can find!  but you have got to try, start with "I'm thankful for a new day" and go from there...I'm pretty sure you are thankful for the clothes you wear and the food you eat! ;-) after writing everything down. Thank God personally and out loud for everyone of those items. God will come and turn your bad day around if you are willing to surrender to Him, He can most definitely handle your frustrations and anger, He has been turning mine into beautiful things. 

Makes me think of the Gungor song "You make beautiful things" (link below)

And as for the I've just been craving them and eating them by the bags!....Must be all those mumbled preggo hormones ;-)

God Bless you and yours, He has mine and I am forever grateful to Him!

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