Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cinnamon Bun Wafffles...Ingenious!!!

Ingenious idea really!  I was wondering what to do with the pre-packaged ready to use cinnamon buns I had in the fridge that needed to be used ASAP! This was when my oven wasn't working and I was not about to nuke them (yuck to the thought alone). What to do, what to do...
Pinterest came to my rescue and this idea popped up! Ingenious simple perfect! I could use my waffle iron to cook the round circles of cinnamon goodness!

The first batch I did stuck pretty bad to the grill but once I got the hang of it and after using the pam spray this idea worked wonderfully and made for an awesome change in our breakfast!
It's really easy and actually is faster than the oven.
Give it a try...just remember to spray both sided of the waffle iron well before cooking the waffles.

Unwrap the package and separate the circles

Make sure you let the waffle iron get good and hot, spray both sides generously with pam cooking spray and then place one circle on each waffle iron

let it cook until done, be careful not to scratch the grill when taking the waffles out. Top them off with a frosting glaze...yummy!

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