Friday, July 8, 2011

Rain Rain stay awhile...

Wow it has been raining a lot lately! But I've found that rain can be so beautiful if you take the time to sit and watch it. My dad is one who truly takes advantage of it.I remember my dad during outside on the porch listening to the rain falling on the tin roof, this would drive a lot of people absolutely up the wall..but not my dad, it soothes him, the harder it rains the more soothing it is to him. My dad grew up in the jungles of Ecuador, he would often reminisce about the afternoons spent in the hammock listening to the rain fall on the tin roof...

Today I find myself in the kitchen doing dishes, the windows are open and it's raining...I feel the soft cool breeze the rain brings with it and the soft pitter-pater of the rain on the roof. I love how everything turn a bright hue of green!

God has an amazing imagination and if we take the time, we can truly see and experience the beauty of His creation!

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