Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photography : It's A Beautiful Photograph, But Do You Know WHY It's Beautiful?

So I have decided to teach myself photography ;-) I throughout enjoy it and it has been a great way to express myself and learn a new talent :-)
I needed to post my pictures online and then send the link to the moderator of the class for grading...
So I thought why not share this with you so you can (hopefully) see my progress.
These pictures are supposed to reflect composition so they are kept as taken and I have not stressed on the exposure or aperture settings, next class will be on the relationship between the shutter speed and the aperture...a lot more studying since it's a lot like math and I am sooo not good at math! but I am determined to understand at least most of it lol
Well here goes nothing lol:

Class 1:Composition And Impact:

Click here for more info on this class

Assignment 1: Take at least one abstract photo based entirely on some of the compositional rules talked about. Subjects should not be recognizable. 

This is my son's train track from his set

This is the same exact picture just turned around, notice how the picture changed cool huh!

Assignment 2: Take pictures of a subject from various viewpoints (near, far, from above, below, behind). Creativity is encouraged. 

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  1. Awesome, Maria! Good for you for expanding your brain and growing in a talent!