Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trick to keeping your kids busy=gatorade lol

Quietly organizing the Gatorade  ;-)
I was cleaning the bedroom tonight and the kids were...hey where were the kids??? I know when it gets quiet my kids are up to something, definitely if they are both doing the same thing and are not making a sound...ugh running down the hall looking in the bedrooms trying to find them...I found them on the floor in the kitchen "organizing" the bottles of Gatorade they had found and unpacked. I just couldn't help but take some pictures, I love the little moments when my kids are quietly playing together, not hitting, fighting or crying...warms my heart! I love my boys! hope you enjoy these...

My baby wasn't sure what I was holding

Hey mom look at us!!! we are playing together!
I love the sun hitting the colors

lol my dirty floor...

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