Monday, May 2, 2011

Délicieux Petit-déjeuner/ Delicious Breakfast

Eggs and I have a love-hate relationship! some mornings I wake up wanting eggs and the next I can't even think about them. when I do feel like eating eggs I enjoy them immensely but only a certain way. My DH knows what I'm talking about, he usually rolls his eyes when I ask him to make "the usual", this "usual" consist of lots of patience and timing because I like my eggs slightly done but not too done lol so poor DH has to time it perfectly so the yolk is still soft but not too soft and definitely not hard.
then I toast the bread and make sure I have the butter waiting right next to the toaster because I am my fathers daughter and must have my butter melting on the toast the moment it pops up out of the toaster. The eggs need to be timed perfectly so that when the toast pops up and is buttered and cut into small pieces, the eggs are ready and are placed on top of the toast...resulting in(if done right)the toast soaking up the semi-cooked yolk and leaving an amazingly yummy gooey mess mmmm DH does not care for it...and has given up on making it for me since both he and I can never time the eggs quite right. Anyhow...I found this simple beautiful recipe that has saved me from countless more hours of frustrations due to an over cooked egg ;-)

Preheat the oven to F350° ( F325° for a convection oven)                    
Take a piece of bread, butter it slightly (optional)
Place it in a greased oven safe dish or a greased cupcake tin
The large eggs were a little too large and ended up spilling over the edge so I used smaller ones
You can also add some precooked bacon or sausage or whatever else you like ;-)
top with a little pepper and salt and place on middle rack in the oven
cook for 10min or until desired consistency

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!!!

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