Friday, May 13, 2011

Goodnight sleep tight and don't let the steam whistle wake you !!!

So my 1st baby is now two years old! wow time has gone by!
anyways for his birthday his grandparents sent him a play tent...nooo not any play tent...but a THOMAS THE TRAIN PLAY TENT!!!!! (my DS loves Thomas the train!) the play tent was a great gift and he loved it for a full 1 min until he decided it was no fun anymore..and I didn't really blame him,the train tent would collapse (it's one of those foldaway tents) every time my son would crawl in leaving him to push the tent off him and struggle to get out. I sighed and decided to just put it in the corner of his room where all the other banned toys had been put...oh well sorry Thomas!
but as I was placing it in the corner I glanced at my sons bed...hmmm an idea shot to my head!
"Bust my buffers" and "flatten my funnel!" I cried (lol) this is wonderful and it just might work...

One happy train rider!
See the smiling little boy!
 I worked beautifully!!!! the train tent fit perfectly around the mattress (the tent has a connecting ribbon on the bottom connecting the two long sides together, so I slid the mattress over it and it held the train in place)
My son LOVES it and it doesn't budge, he goes to bed happily singing choo-choo!
And I am now a very useful engine...I mean mommy lol!

You can find this lovely tent by clicking here (though I wouldn't bother buying it unless you were going to stabilize it like I did...)