Friday, May 13, 2011

Coconut and lime

Well I guess blogger decided they didn't like my coconut and lime post so they conveniently deleted it (not really they just had some maintenance done and my last blog was deleted :-(...) not what I call fun!
So as I said earlier in my other (deleted) post I am going through a coconut and lime craze this past week! and have been making so many delicious dishes; coconut-lime curry, coconut-lime desserts including these little gems...

Coconut/Malibu rum macaron with white chocolate/lime ganache
These were absolutely delish and I thought even though I fudged a little on the whipping part they turned out OK. the recipe said to use unsweetened shredded coconut, I only had the sweetened kind so used that instead and it turned out fine! The coconut on top of the macaroons toasted lightly during cooking time and where beautiful!
I used the same recipe than my last try at macaroons by Martha Stewart, I followed the tip on how to make coconut macaroons all except for the filling click here to view the original recipe.
And I used an easy white chocolate ganache recipe and just added 1Tbsp lime zest click here to see the ganache recipe (it's the video version)

Hope you enjoy! I did!

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