Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pinterest Tip - Grocery Bag Storage

Start by straitening and flattening out the grocery bags.

This is one of the best ideas ever!!! It's super easy, and gets rid of all the bulky bags stuffed in your cabinet or under the sink.
I used an old target wipe container to place the rolled up plastic bags in.

What You will need;
  • 24 used plastic grocery bags
  • An empty Clorox or wipe container

Fold each bag in half lengthwise.

lay bags on floor making sure the handles slightly overlap the previous bag.

Make sure the handles of the first bag are bend upwards. Then start rolling the bags up, making sure you press out any extra air in the bags and making sure you include the overlapping handles from the next bag.

It should look like this. Depending on the size of your container, you can add or subtract bags.

Isn't that just awesome???

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