Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kids Say The Darnest Things!!!! :-)

My awesome adorable sons, life is never boring with them ;-)

I'm sure you know this already, but two year olds can say the funniest things. And I think it's funnier because they dont really get why it's funny lol they just say them with a straight face as if it's the most normal thing to say.
Here are some examples from my now thee year old.

DS: "daddy, go for walk?"
DH: "first we need to drop mommy off, then we can go for a walk"
DS: "oh no daddy!!!! Don't drop mommy, thats a booboo!"

Me: "bath time!"
DS: "No mommy, no bath...nooo shampoopy!"

DS: " mommy, I watch scobooboo?" (scoobydoo)

Me: "hey buddy, who's that on your toothbrush?"
DS: " Optical Crime..." (optimus prime-transformers)

Me: " wow, what did grandma get you? That looks fun!, who is it?"
DS: " BUD LITE!!!!" He yells excitedly (buzz lightyear)

DS: "mommy, mommy, mommy....butt sauce?"
Me: "Do you mean what's that? Lol"

DS: "daddy, go bead the bish?" (go feed the fish)

DS: singing "spidermam, spidermam, spidermaaaaaam, spidermaaam"

Our sons favorite place to play is the "nuggy slide" (chick fil a slide, they serve chicken nuggets lol)

DS: " mommy, mommy, daddy give me belly bart!"
Me: "daddy gave you a belly fart? Silly daddy!"

DS: "mommy, I watch beggietales?"

My sons favorite game at home is the "waterwiggle"

If my son is hungry these are some things he asks for:
Hamburgerger (hamburger)
Nuggies (chicken nuggets) NH
My cheese (mac n cheese)
Chowcolate sanwich (nutella sandwich)
Ceruls (cereals)
Jiuice (juice)

And of course there are tons more but I just can't remember them all. I guess I'll have to start writing then all down :-)

To be continued ;-)

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