Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wishing you a Happy and safe 4th of July!!!

Wow the 4th is already upon us! And of course I have been saying I would prepare all these amazing dishes and that happened! where did all that available time go? lol
Oh well I'll just have to start early for next year ;-)

But besides desserts and red white and blue themed decorations the 4th of July (in my mind) is a day honoring our beautiful country, and to have a great country you need great men and women behind it, fighting for and protecting it. but I'm not just talking of our soldiers (who are definitely and by all means worthy to be honored in many ways for we are grateful to them!!!) but also of all our forefathers who raised their children to be proud of who they are, men and women who brought up their children to fear the Lord and serve their country. Even though my grandfather passed away in the fall (November 11 to be exact!) I still think of him on the 4th of July, it's been that way for years. I always viewed my grandfather as a patriarch in our family, a strong man with a great love for his saviour!
So this 4th of July being the first without him I want to thank him for allowing God to work through him in many ways to teach us more about God and about the reverence we should have for our Lord!
This picture describes how I empty chair...but the second one a picture of my son,( his great grand son) and my nephew shows the legacy he left behind and hopefully one day I pray my son will follow in his footsteps and grow close to his lord and saviour!

(I still have two amazing grandparents who are still with us, they too have been an immense blessing to me and my family!!! I have one of the most closest families I know of,both sides have great legacies and testimonies...I am truly blessed!)

On a more lighter note; I'm down in FL again with my family for this next week. It's been nice to catch up and spend this holiday with them.
I try to make it down to FL every 2-3 months so my kids can see their grandparents (so far I have made 2 trips within those 2-3 months lol, my poor hubby!)
here are some sweet pictures of my kiddos with their grandma and cousin...

Hope you all have an amazing and safe 4th of July remember to thank the men in uniform and your father's fathers for all they did to make this country what it is...a good time to pray for the leaders of our country now too, I want it to continue to be a great country !!!

Where is this water coming from???

He just coulldn't figure it out ;-)

grandma and all the cousins minus one wearing their homemade hats lol

splish splash

blowing bubbles

my oldest scooting around

grandma and youngest grandson

root beer pops mmmmm!

cousins all ready for a stroll
peek a boo I see you!

Mom...I don't know about this...

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