Sunday, February 6, 2011

The small things make us looking at our own faces ;-)

My kids crack me up sometimes lol
The day I caught DS1 dunking his little innocent white sheep in the toilet while (very loudly I might add) baabaa-ing like a sheep. was definitely one to remember (wish I had taken a picture but sadly our camera had died that day :-( so now we have no proof except for a now blue stained, "slightly" scented sheep, that my son won't let me throw away!)
I now have a camera and am so glad I do, I was able to catch this amazingly sweet piece of our now family history ;-)
Kids are so cool they can entertain themselves with whatever they find...chewing on a shoe, dunking a sheep in the freshly cleaned toilet (hence the blue coloring of the sheep now) and playing peekaboo with the cat or as I caught him doing now...laughing at his own face. a child's laugh warms your heart but your own child's laugh..mmmm that is something totally different I just can't describe it ;-) just makes you so proud and blessed that God granted you this precious gift (at that moment you tend to deem him precious, although most of the time I do deem my children precious there are such occasions I would disagree vehemently and other words come to mind... lol)
anyways DS was giggling away while looking into the mirror while swaying back and forth sooo cute...

Here are some pic's of my adorable brood ;-) (I hate that word...brood...)

I don't know I can't choose hand or foot or foot or hand...mmm

mini bumfers lol

someone is sleepy...yawn

mommy and I

happy as can be with snot running down his face lol

hmmm how does this work again???

watching his afternoon show, lilo and stich

I see you!

"outish" meaning outside lol

snot nosed kid

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