Saturday, January 22, 2011

hey long time no write! I'm back...

sooo much has happened since I wrote...oh my!!! I am sooo behind lol but I will try to get everything down...
ok first we have to go all the way back to November 25th 2010 (yes all the way back to last year!!!) and yes that would make it thanksgiving...your good!
We had an amazing thanksgiving...we were blessed with friends and family all the way from NC and FL and here in Columbus.DH's parents came up from Avon Park FL to spend a couple of days here with us. as well as DH's brother and his wife and their adorable son.
The morning started with me getting up early to start "slaving" in the kitchen (don't worry I LOVE it lol) the boys went outside to play some ball and our friends came over pretty early to start the turkey (BTW that was the best turkey I ever had!!!)  he used the church ovens so it worked out really well!
I love thanksgiving! I love the family time and the food of course... fall colors are so pretty and I love it!
here are the pictures from that beautiful day! (I posted the recipes I used on an earlier blog)
homemade stuffing mmmmm yum!

the tables somewhat decorated

dad and son

S playing with DS2

the boys

Aunt, Uncle and one lucky bugaboo

dig in peoples!!!


I think he had a little too much lol

Duh ya think??? DS2 is trying to imitate it lol

yum thanksgiving is the best!!!

grandma and grandpa an the little one

 lovin him some turkey


the girls

yes!!! finally BIL got to hold Pman

the goofy bunch ;-)

the  clan

volleyball anyone???

grandma and her grandson's

BIL & SIL and their son

lol they love each other..honestly!

see told you...

the fam!

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