Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The best of grumpy monkey and drooling dragon!

Well my kids come up with the cutest thing to either put me through or show me lol here are some pictures:

I hereby present my kids:

idk I just thought this was adorable...

he is starting a new trend and all the babies are following him...it's the new "thing" and it's soooo "in"


and again what did I tell you it's soooo "in"

well they are somewhat sharing a toy lol

Hello bright eyes!

flirting with mommy...don't tell daddy!

he wants to be like his brother and start a trend but sadly this one didn't stick...

let your brother show you how it;s done!


yikes the little pool was electrifying!

hmmmm I LOVE this picture!

What naked cherubs do when they're bored!

He wasn't to happy about the time out

so he improvised while keeping his bottom on the chair lol


he was scooting forward like this tooo funny...looks just like daddy with his brothers binky oh my what a hoot

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